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"My husband who is from Afghanistan was very impressed knowing the ladies were not originally from his country but said one would not know by the skill and professionalism of their dances. I couldn't agree more and received so many compliments and inquiries from the guests as well. Haydee is very sweet, friendly and an unbelievable talent! I takes a rare gifted individual to transition from professional belly dancing to authentic Afghan cultural dances in only a month notice! I'm literally in awe how gorgeous the performance was and it will be a lifetime memory for us. We are her newest fans! Thank you so much for making our wedding so fun and memorable!! Lots of Love & Respect"


Afghan Attan Dance

NEW SHOW!!! Attan (Pashto: اتڼ‎) is a form of dance that originated in the Pashtun regions of eastern Afghanistan and Northwest Pakistan. Attan began as a folk dance conducted by Pashtuns in times of war or during weddings or other celebrations (engagements, new year, and informal gatherings). It is now considered the national dance of Afghanistan. The performance of Attan dance in the open air has long been customary in the Pashtun culture.

Per special requet, Attan Dance is now also being performed by Haydee.  Bring this beautiful folkloric dance to your next special event! Traditionally this dance is performed in a group.  Contact Haydee for more information about this beautiful traditional dance style and to get a quote.

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Afhan Attan Dance