1. Is belly dancing appropriate for any event?

Sure! Belly dancing can be a wonderful show for weddings, quinceaneras, sweet sixteen, formal or casual dinners, bridal & baby showers, festivals, birthdays, children's parties , etc.

2. How long is the show?

The typical belly dance set is approximately 20 minutes; However, shows can be tailored to meet your needs.

3. What is a typical show like?

A standard show lasts approximately 15-25 minutes (3 to 6 songs) depending on the size of your audience and location. This starts with a powerful entrance, the use of various props for dramatic effect. The next part can include audience interaction which is always fun and tasteful. An exciting prop (sword or candle tray) will be included for the balancing act.  Then powerful music to close the show on a climactic note.  Fire performances can also be included for an additional fee.

4. What about the music?

Haydee brings her music on a her phone (MP3 player) which can be connected with an auxiliary cable or bluetooth. Connection by auxiliary cable is preferred over bluetooth for better sound.  Client provides a good quality sound system. The sound system must be loud enough fill the room, or a live band. If a DJ is present, please provide the contact information to Haydee prior to the show so that that the music can be arranged directly.  You can also request in advance for the dancer to supply a small speaker that can fill a small room (not recommended). A regular boom-box is not loud enough 

5. What is the cost of a show?

The typical show is $225 within Houston, TX, but prices vary according to length, type of show, time and distance. Discounts are available for weekly shows as well as multiple shows in one night.  Multiple dancers are also available.

6. How does the booking process work?

Contact Haydee with details about your event and what kind of show you will need. Haydee will send you a personalized quote according to  your request. To secure the date and time, a deposit will need to be paid and a personalized contract signed.

7. What should I expect the night of the show?

The night of the show, the dancer will arrive approximately 15 minutes before the agreed start time.  If for any reason there is a delay, she will get in touch with the contact person to let them know.  Please make sure there is a free and safe parking spot for the dancer.  Upon arrival, the dancer will call or text the point of contact to let them know they have arrived.  It is always better for the audience not to see the dancer before the performance so please be prepared to help the dancer come in without the other guests being aware if possible.  It is better if her arrival is not announced.

Please provide a clean room to change in that locks. Haydee typically comes to shows with her assistant who helps set up the music as well as with any prop placements.  If her assistant is not present, Haydee will provide the music in the form previously agreed upon (phone or USB).  The music will be in order and should not be stopped in between songs.  Please let the music play all the way through to the end.  

Please be assured the audience participation will take place during the show when appropriate.  Do not allow your guests to approach the dancer during the use of props such as wings, swords, candle trays, fire etc, as this can be very dangerous for your guest as well as dancer.  Please do not allow any guests to be inappropriate toward the dancer.  If this occurs, the dancer has the right to stop the show obtaining full pay.

Once the show is over please allow a few minutes for the dancer to freshen up before asking for photos with guests.  The dancer will stay approximately 15 to 20 minutes after the show for photos or the time previously agreed to in the contract.